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A Love Story

It was in 1992 that the story began. A beautiful adventure, to be precise. A desire for a change in life is at the origin of the birth of Coklat-Ibiza.

Passionate about travel, I take a break from my Parisian life to travel the world for several years, in search of encounters, discoveries, elsewhere. Along the way, I collect treasures: precious or ethnic jewelry, stones, unusual objects...

Fascinated by traditional ethnic art, especially by the hair accessories of women I met in Asia, Africa, or elsewhere, I finally decide to realize my passion, to create jewelry. The desire to adorn women's hair leads me to develop a first collection of handcrafted wooden hairpins in Indonesia.


I test this collection at Australian craft markets, and the success is immediate.

It's the turning point, I will not return to my old life...

  La Isla bonita

Ibiza Coklat Ibiza.jpeg

Back in Europe in '97, drawn to the Hippie and artistic movement of Ibiza, I decide to settle there and have the chance to showcase my creations at local craft markets.

The concept of being able to lift hair in a few seconds while enhancing it appeals to the women passing through the island, who then become my best ambassadors by wearing them in their countries.

Over the years, my collections evolve, and I use new materials, Swarovski crystals, lacquers... and my collection of decorated metal jewelry is born.

My philosophy

I want to offer each woman the freedom to wear a unique piece of jewelry

that truly reflects her.

For over 20 years, I have been offering original hair accessories, regularly renewing my collections according to my desires without really succumbing to fashion dictates.

During the creation of my collections, I always seek the right balance between fashion and craftsmanship, trend and timeless, precious and accessible.

Symbols of femininity par excellence, style enhancers, reflections of personality, my jewels that women adorn themselves with speak about them, reveal their personality, punctuate their style, and display their mood.

I strive to create jewelry that reflects the women of today—active, chic, cool, spontaneous, and uninhibited. Women with a thousand lives in one...

Thanks to all the women who lend me their hair to showcase my jewelry...

Fond Ibiza Cocklat Ibiza.jpeg

Thanks to all those who make my creations travel around the world 

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