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Size Guide


"I love buns, but unfortunately, it's not for me!"
"It looks really nice, but it just doesn't work on my hair!"

Whether your hair is straight, soft, wavy or curly, only the volume of your chignon is decisive

(small, medium, large) and will guide the choice of the right hook.

This size guide will help you find the right hairpin shape and length for your hair.


Hairpins come in two shapes:

- curved
- straight (MINI)


- A curved hairpin will fit hair from the top of the shoulders to the small of the back for normal, thick or very thick hair, but also for slightly thinner but very long hair.

Depending on length and thickness, the volume of the chignon will be medium to large.
For a medium chignon, choose the short hook (10 cm).
For a voluminous chignon, choose the long hook (12 cm).  


- The straight hairpin (MINI) will suit fine to very fine hair for a small-volume chignon.
The short version (9 cm) is sufficient to hold a small bun.
If your hair is very fine but reaches the middle of the back, choose the long version (11 cm).

Any doubts about the size and style of your hook?

Si vous n'êtes toujours pas sûre de la bonne taille ou du crochet qui correspond à vos cheveux, n'hésitez pas à me contacter par e-mail à en m'envoyant, si possible, une photo de vos cheveux lâchés de dos pour obtenir un conseil personnalisé.

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