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Why and how to choose a hair jewel ?

Each year, we meet and teach the art of the bun in a jiffy to thousands of women, whether in Ibiza or on trade shows.

Most of these women are convinced that the hairpin is not an appropriate accessory for their hair. But thanks to our live demonstrations, that you will find here on video, we prove that it’s not true. And they are delighted to finally learn to make buns, ponytails or half-tails so quickly.

Many of them are seduced by the ease of use of the jewel they choose and especially by its beauty. Today, it is also more than an aesthetic approach. It is much more pleasant to tie your hair with a nice durable accessory than to use a banal plastic clip, which one day or another will eventually pollute our planet.

Except if your hair is very short (the boyish) or do not exceed the top of your neck, you can perfectly use a metal or wooden hairpin, double or single. Whether your hair is fine, normal or thick, smooth or curly, mid-long (nape) to very long (lower back), you will find in our collection the jewel that will match your personality and will retain your hair while sublimating it.

No need to be a professional hairdresser to make a beautiful bun in seconds. Everything is a question of technique, not of hair nature. When you have acquired this very easy technique, a range of hair styles will open up to you and delight you as it will be a breeze to tie your hair in a sophisticated or casual way.

Choosing the jewel that fits your hair is not very complicated. Refer to the size guide you will find on each product sheet.

Model Sia

Our highly acclaimed metal hair jewels, available on two types of hooks (curved or straight) offer a wide range of designs. These metal hairpins are suitable for all types of hair. They are elaborated according to our own drawings, carefully welded and painted by hand.

For lovers of natural objects or pencil in the hair, we offer a range of single or double wooden hairpins, entirely hand-made in a noble and solid wood, with nice finishes. However they are not suitable for silky hair above the shoulders, or very long and / or very thin.

If you doubt in your choice, we advise you to opt for metal hairpins which offer a much better support and are easier to use. Do not hesitate to contact us and send us a picture of your hair to get our advice.

To assimilate our technique, be patient! Read the user manual and watch our videos several times on this site or in our social networks. TO WANT IS TO CAN !!!


Our hair jewels are carefully checked before being shipped. The solidity of the welds is checked and we cannot be held responsible for their breakage due to improper handling. Broken jewelry after purchase won’t be returned, refunded or exchanged.

Each year, we do thousands of buns demonstration on our points of sale and we never break our jewels.

Our metal pins are made of two parts (ornament and hook) which are welded by 3 solid points. As with any fancy jewel, they are recommended to handle with delicacy. To do this, you have a user manual that we advise you to read carefully.

If, by inserting the pin into your bun, you hold it by the ornament and not by the hook as we formally indicate, you risk, by tipping it in a too important mass of hair, to force and weaken the welds, which could lead to breakage of the jewel.

To make hold your bun, after raising it, introduce the jewel, holding it EXCLUSIVELY by the bottom of its hook, in a few locks on the right side, and tilt it delicately diagonally towards the opposite bottom. It is useless to force! The video tutorials clearly show you how to hold the hairpin, where to stitch and the movement to follow!

To keep your hairpin in good condition, avoid laying it on damp hair (especially sea water), leave it unprotected at the bottom of your bag and, of course, let your children play with it!

Respect our instructions and you will keep your hair jewel for a long time!

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