Before contacting us for any question or request for advice regarding our products, please consult the list of frequently asked questions below. You may find the answer you are looking for …

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Do you have models for children?

Hair jewels are popular with children, teenagers and adults alike.

We do not have specific models for children. It’s up to everyone’s choice. Some children have hair as thick and long as adults. Just choose the right type of hook and the right length.

Regarding models, little girls especially like pretty flowers and butterflies

How to care my jewel?

If you wear your hairpin regularly, respecting certain rules, there is no reason why it should alter.

Rules to follow: handle it correctly by the hook without forcing on the welds, do not put it under water, do not put it in hair soaked with water or hair care, avoid shocks …

Can I wear my pin at the beach or at the pool?

You can wear it at the beach or at the pool but you must avoid contact with the water (especially salted water).

Can we use this jewel in all types of hair?

Yes … this jewel is effective in all types and length of hair (except really very short). Refer to the size guide on the product pages.

What kind and length of hook do I need to order?

The choice of the type of hairpin depends on the thickness and length of your hair.

Our hair jewels are mounted on two kinds of hook: a curved hook declined in two lengths and a straight hook of a single length.

Refer to the size guide on each product page that will help you choose the right hook.

Do you sell to professionals?

For information on our professional rates, contact us on

Can I find your products in a shop?

Our jewels are sold on creative shows across Europe. You will also find the collections on the craft markets of Ibiza Las Dalias and Punta Arabi.

For more information, visit the “ephemeral shops” page.

I love your jewelry but I am allergic to metal should I choose a wooden model?

Not necessarily. Our metal jewelry is guaranteed nickel free which is the main factor of allergy. There is no contraindication in the choice of a metal jewel.