Ethnic style is inviting in our collections. These hair jewels inspired by Native American, Mexican or Oriental art will give in your hairdo a touch of original exoticism. Fall for these ultra-trendy jewels!

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Available in 5 colors


Native American style, this hair jewel in silvered metal, decorated with 3 lucky charms, ensures you do not go unnoticed. The perfect hairpin for your casual or bohemian looks…


Available in 1 color


Let yourself be seduced by this arabesque hairpin, decorated with a white rhinestone that will blow an oriental wind on your look. An essential model of our collection THE ETHNICS.


Available in 10 colors


Want a jewel with an ethnic style? This silver or gold metal hairpin will become the masterpiece of your outfits. Lacquered and decorated in its center with a Swarovski crystal, this superb hair accessory comes in 10 colors. Which colors are you going to crack for?


Available in 3 colors


This hair jewel inspired by the art of the Mayans bears a name that sounds like an invitation to travel… Available in silver, gold or copper, it will match with all styles of outfits.


Available in 3 colors


Add an ethnic touch to your daily life! YANA is the ultimate everyday head jewel. Beautifully crafted, it will accessorize any outfit, casual, chic or bohemian. Available in silver, gold and coppery metal, it will appeal to all women looking for ease in choosing a hair accessory to wear in all circumstances.


Available in 8 colors


We love the notes of blue, black or white that enhance the silver or gold metal of our hair jewel ANTIK. With its ancient look, this engraved metal hairpin enhanced with a touch of color will become the essential piece to structure your hairdos. ANTIK is one of the best-sellers of our 2017 collection. A success which must go on in 2019…