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IBIZA… back to the roots

This summer of 2020, the island where I have chosen to live for more than 20 years will completely change. Even if Ibiza has been spared by the virus, nothing will be like before. All of this, because of new rules that seem mostly absurd to me.

The tourist affluence will fall, many hotels will not reopen, and many restaurants will remain closed. The huge clubs will no longer receive the DJs stars who attract clubbers from all over the world.

We will take a leap back in time. Come back to the «old » and original Ibiza.

Of course there will be some advantages…

The roads and paths leading to the beaches will be less crowded, the countryside more peaceful. The beautiful beaches of Ibiza, deserted by mass tourism, will regain their crystalline waters. The sunsets over the sea will be just as spectacular but more “intimate”, less shared via the social networks all over the world.

It will be a unique summer in Ibiza for the happy few visitors who will brave their fear and come to visit us.

A magic summer for the tranquility and nature lovers happy to live a simple life, with just a sarong to leave on a deserted beach before to take great bath in the turquoise immensity of the Mediterranean sea, with that feeling of being alone in the world.

But there will also be disadvantages…

The present and the future will be more complicated for those who have built their working lives on tourism. Many will be excluded from this new era.

We, the craftsmen of the two big Hippy Markets of the island, will have to put our activity on hold for a long season. Some, sadly, will not survive if nobody helps them…

However, this exceptional summer will force us to think about what we don’t want anymore: mass tourism, crowded beaches, an overpopulation that doesn’t understand that space is limited here and doesn’t always respect the island, but also this mercantile and commercial side that made us lose of sight what Ibiza used to be like.

Perhaps Ibiza will once again become that special place that brings together creators and artists of all kinds, who will present their creations to the dreamers of a free and unconstrained world and to nature lovers.

The island will once again become that magical place of improvised parties in the open air, or in the “fincas” where people from all social categories will meet in all simplicity. A Ibiza where the term VIP will apply to all those who will come during the summer.

These days, the big buzzword is “Reinventing”! But for me, this expression is nothing new. Since I’ve done it here, when I first came in 1993 to change my life.

So in this blog, I am going to introduce you to other people I like, friends from everywhere, who also came in Ibiza one day to “reinvent” their lives. Caring, generous, funny, eccentric, original people who have all chosen a free life, rich in experiences and encounters.

They will tell you their story, their dreams, present their work … and maybe, they’ll make you want to finally realize the project that you secretly carry in your heart!

I have a whole summer to show you my island and the wonderful people who are part of it … I might as well take advantage of it…


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One comment on “IBIZA… back to the roots

  1. Abby Bouttell says:

    Beautifully written. Thank you for introducing me to your Ibiza.

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