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Do you know Tamara and Raul ?

Their giant turquoise or pink elephants, their rainbow octopus, their multicolored turtles and their seabeds full of fishes, each one more beautiful than the other, have undoubtedly attracted your attention during one of your excursions to the hippy markets of Ibiza. Their paints are so colorful and luminous…

And if you passed by my booth last summer in Las Dalias, then you must have noticed their pretty colorful paintings: Tamara and Raul are my booth neighbors.

Tamara and Raul are two artists at heart who have found in Ibiza the perfect place to express their art.

15 years ago, they left Argentina to move to Madrid. Tamara was working in a decoration store and Raul in the same technical-commercial sector as before, both jobs giving them a certain “security” after experiencing the crisis in their home country.

But they already knew that this kind of life was not for them and felt the need to find their own way, thinking that living by the sea would allow them to develop their artistic inspirations.


Eight years ago, the invitation of their friend Vicky to her house in Cala Vadella was the trigger to consider a new start. Ibiza, which they immediately fell in love with, opened new horizons for them. It was obvious that the island was the perfect place for them to make their new project come true.

Tamara have felt that her artistic journey would be able to blossom freely. Raul rediscovered an artistic vocation that had fallen asleep in his childhood.

From there, everything became possible: the discovery of the marvelous craft markets of the island where they could exhibit their creations finally gave them access to the new way of life they had been dreaming of.

Let them tell you about their art:

« We are a united couple, two artists who have found in Ibiza an appropriate environment to express our art. We arrived here without preconceived ideas and found our way.

In our family art studio, we make joyful and luminous art, animated by the energy of color.

Our paintings are realized one by one by ourselves, from the sketch, through the conception, to the final realization.

We work with diverse and varied materials. We like to explore and mix techniques. Watercolors, inks, pigments, acrylics, paper, canvas, collage, wood, everything serves us to express ourselves. In our art, there are no limits or rules, only our heart and soul. We are lucky to live in Ibiza, a magical place that connects us to the sea, the depths, nature, the stars, a place where we can live peacefully and be ourselves.

What is wonderful about the craft markets of the island, is that we are in direct contact with visitors from all over the world and we can see their reaction to our work without any of the filters or “varnishes” as happens in art galleries.

Seeing the children’s reaction is one of our greatest satisfactions. The older ones are not to be outdone. Every year they come to visit us and tell that every time they look at our paintings, they feel happy.

A girlfriend told us recently: “I clean house all over the island and in each one I go, I find a painting of you”.

We don’t want do create an expensive art. We hope that every one of our visitors can enjoy and take it with him in his suitcase. And exhibit it in his home to feel a little bit of the essence of Ibiza when he looks at it”

Tamara and Raul
Taller Medusa

This is the first portrait in a long series which, I hope, will take you to Ibiza. A portrait to discover great people who made their dreams come true by settling here.

If you want to know more about Tamara and Raul, don’t hesitate to contact these two authentic artists via their social networks:

Tamara and Raúl are relying on you this summer! You can order them a colorful piece of artwork to hang a little piece of our magical island in your home.


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