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Creator of jewel hairpins since 1997

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Product info
Colors Lengths Pattern size
6 2 Diam: 50 mm
Availability: In stock
ATTENTION ! It is important to refer you to the board below to determine the length of your hook. If this model does not suit your hair choose another range. In case of doubt don't hesitate to consult us.
Non contractuel photograps. Our hairpins are made and painted by hand. Actual color may slightly differ from the photos displayed on this website.

Product Name Price Qty
Diva Blue Diva
Color: Light Blue
Ref.: Div-015B

€ 22.00

Diva Brown Diva
Color: Brown
Ref.: Div-005

€ 22.00

Diva Silver Diva
Color: Silvered
Ref.: Div-016

€ 22.00

Diva Gold Diva
Color: Gold
Ref.: Div-006

€ 22.00

Diva Pink Diva
Color: Pink
Ref.: Div-010

€ 22.00

Diva White Diva
Color: White
Ref.: Div-001

€ 22.00

Coklat-Ibiza | Diva

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