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Creator of jewel hairpins since 1997

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« I love the hairdos but in my kind of hair, it won’t stay more than a few minutes ! »
« Very nice but this is not going to work with my hair … »

We have met many women who were thinking that their hair might never be held in bun by any type of accessory... until they discovered our models of hair jewels ! If your hair is long enough, means in the middle of the nape of the neck, you can use perfectly our jewels to do yourself nice french plates or other type of buns.

During your order, do not forget to indicate your type of hair in the drop-down menu.

Depending on the length and the type of your hair, certain models will be more suitable than other to keep your hair up.

The wooden hairpins, totally handmade, « simple » or « double » generally exist in 2 length.
After consulting the board of sizes for the model that you have selected, you can indicate the length of the hairpin that will fit to you: « short » or « long ».

The metal models have two shapes : « Large design » (curved hook) et « Small design » (straight hook).
• The « Large design » are fitting mid-long to very long, normal or thick hair according to the length of the hair.
• The « Small design » are fitting thin to thick hair according to the length of the hair.
Consulting the references for the sizes of the model that you have selected, you can indicate the length of the hook that fits to you: « short » or « long ».


Our hair jewels are carefully checked prior to shipment, so we can not be held responsible for their breakage due to improper handling. No refunds, no returns !

Each year we make thousands of buns on our points of sale and we never break our hair jewels.

Our metal hairpins are made of two parts, ornament and hook, which are welded by three solid points. As with any costume jewelry, it is recommended to handle them with care. It’s why we provide you with instructions for use that we recommend you to read carefully.

If, introducing the jewel in the hair, you hold it by the ornament and not by the hook as we formally indicate, you risk to force too strongly on the welds that could lead to the breakage of the jewel.

To hold your bun, insert the jewel, holding it EXCLUSIVELY by the bottom of the hook, in a few strands on the right side of the bun, and gently swing it down. The VIDEOS clearly show how to hold the hairpin, where to introduce it and the movement to follow to push it down!

In order to keep your hairpin in good shape you will avoid putting it on wet hair (especially sea water), leave it with no protection in your bag and, obviously, let your children play with it !

Respect our instructions and your hair jewel will last a long time !